The web portal Collections Performance Art Switzerland offers a panorama of the performance art scenes in Switzerland. As a catalogue of a public collection, it brings together a number of collections and places the artistic works in relation to one another. It offers the potential to read very different events in various constellations. The connections and diversity of performance histories from its beginnings to the present day become visible.
The web portal Collections Performance Art Switzerland provides a basis for historical interpretations, for processing translocal performance histories and gives access to source material. Videos, photos, texts, interviews, scores and concepts can still be contributed, and existing entries corrected. Individual artists can continue to upload their contributions to the Revolving Histories collection using the form at the bottom left of the masthead. Organizers with extensive collections should contact the media library directly for new entries.
As a public collection, the media library of Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW provides the catalogue and thus makes findability easier.